We Support Your Business!

Who we are… Again:

Having started with nothing but a few employees and a group of trainees, Shura has grown from being a self-started company to one that ranks among the top holders of clients in the region. Having handled the large amount of complex data related to a project with the USAID in Jordan with great ease and sophistication, it has been exhibiting high growth figures.

With time, working on the most challenging of projects has become the ladder that it has used to reach its goals. It now continues to stagger the mass with its significant market share having been recognized as the smallest software development firm to be working with the largest and most prominent telecommunication companies such as Vodafone, Etisalat and Mobinil.

Shura makes sure it employs a team of high caliber software and IT professionals who share its enthusiasm and passion for both its mission and vision to automate businesses by empowering them with the services they need to achieve their utmost potentials.

This is in fact reflected on the name of the company itself, as “Shura” is actually Arabic for “Consultancy.” We guarantee to build quality software for our customers by having a number of professional software consultants sit together in order to determine the best and most suitable solution for each business.

What we do… In a few more words:

Realizing early on that no major organization could grow without at least having part of its business processes automated has been one of Shura’s most empowering recognitions. This has permitted it to be of better assistance to businesses as they start achieving the visibility that renders them able to do their work more efficiently by being in total control of all their processes. By programming the latter, you can easily track, monitor, and enhance your business, which consequently secures your chances of making the best of decisions at all times.

Shura promises to provide you with software and IT tools that would allow you to easily manage both the simplest of procedures such as data collection, and the most complicated ones such as the tracking of workflow order and fulfillment processes.

Below is a sample of a few business processes Shura has helped streamline in the past:

Sales force automation.

Order tracking and fulfillment.

Intra-Company collaboration.

Accounting and money flow.

Financial brokerage services.

Warehouse & inventory management.

And, by having Shura automate your processes, you get:

Higher speed, efficiency and effectiveness.

Higher scalability and the ability to grow your business.

To be more in control of your business.

To see problems or areas of improvement faster.

Increased ROI and customer satisfaction rates.

How we do it… So you can pre-live the “Shura” experience:

At Shura Technologies, we build a rigorous software development cycle that turns customer requirements into deployable running solutions. Our primary focus is to fulfill our customers’ needs by offering them the high-end result they have always dreamed of for their systems. We involve you in the architectural phase of our promised solution so that you monitor the progress made as well as become familiar with the way that it will serve you.

At Shura, projects go through several kinds of testing in order for possible defects and anomalies to be eliminated. These different assessments consist of not only functionality and stress and performance, but also platform compatibility, and integration and deployment. Testing solutions before they are deployed is what distinguishes us as a software house.

That not being the last of us, we are still working for you even after our service is set and ready to function perfectly. Through our online support and our at all times available land line, customers can file requests for defect resolution, general inquiries, or even suggestions for enhancements in future releases.

How we can help you… In more than a way:

If you are a non-software development company with a solid determination to leverage IT tools for your benefit, Shura can help. All you need is a broad vision of how automation can revolutionize your organization and make you achieve higher ROI levels and an adequate understanding of your business process. Together with your IT department, we will come up with the perfectly fitted solution for your business needs.

Now if you are a software company wanting to reduce development costs and neither hire more software engineers nor invest in the acquisition of the technical skills needed to complete a project, Shura can definitely help as well.

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