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Shura is determined to make your business achieve those potentials.

Shura Technologies

Shura Technologies (Shura) is a fast-growing established software house specializing in building quality customizable business solutions. Shura’s mission is to empower our customer’s business processes with the latest IT technologies and tools so they can achieve their business goals efficiently and effectively. We are now living in an era where an organization, that doesn’t have at least part of its business processes automated or doesn’t have an online presence on the internet , is not truly achieving its business and profit potentials. Shura is determined to make your business achieve those potentials. Whether your business process involves order management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, asset/inventory management etc, Shura can help you automate these processes. Through carefully studying and scrutinizing your business needs and requirements, Shura will architect and implement the solution that closely fits and fulfill your needs. Shura’s broad experience in the latest technologies, combined with the technological preference of your IT department, will come up with the exact blend of solutions to make your business finally grow.

In an era where technological advances are surpassing all limits, Shura is devoted to creating smart automated business solutions for employers in a way that keeps them alert to the digital interconnection of the planet. Determined to aid them in ensuring their profit potentials, it offers a wide variety of technological services in Integration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM,) Business Process Management (BPM,) Customer Solutions, Interactive Voice Response (IVR,) Mobile Applications, Order Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP,) E-Commerce, and finally Asset/Inventory Management.

Through careful studies and examinations of the clients’ business needs, Shura architects, and implements the automation solution that best fits the clients’ needs. By constantly updating itself and enhancing its experience with the latest technological advances, it is ensuring the perfect blend of solutions that would best align with the technological preferences of each client’s IT department.

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